PhD Position – Translational and Clinical Research Institute, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne


This is a fantastic opportunity for a 3.5 year funded PhD at the Translational and Clinical Research Institute, Newcastle University in the context of the Medical Research Council (MRC) Discovery Medicine North Doctoral Training Partnership (DiMeN DTP).

This project will be the first to use wearable technology (WT) to objectively and continuously quantify activity, mobility and sleep patterns in people with Parkinson’s disease with delirium over prolonged periods.

The successful applicant will be enrolled onto a PhD fully funded by the MRC, which includes a stipend, tuition fees, research support training, support grants and travel allowance.

The PhD student will collect and analyse wearable sensor data collected in hospital and in the home to compare their activity levels in the two environments. Data will be recorded continuously with an accelerometry-based WT. This will enable the student to segment and extract activity-based data to provide multivariate profiles of delirium in Parkinson’s. Novel metrics will also be developed using night-time WT data. The metrics developed will aid the accurate and timely diagnosis of delirium and delirium subtypes in Parkinson’s disease, allowing for stratification of patients in future clinical trials to prevent or manage delirium.

Information, eligibility criteria and requirements:

How to apply:
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