The Neurorehabilitation Research Group (eNRGy) in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences KU Leuven, Belgium, currently seeks a full-time tenured faculty member with a specialization in rehabilitation in neurodegenerative disorders, more specifically the field of Parkinson’s disease, starting in October 2020

The successful candidate will develop an innovative research program, which is competitive at an international level, and situated in the domain of Movement Disorders, particularly addressing Parkinson’s Disease. The program should focus on rehabilitation-related questions relevant for people with chronic neurodegenerative disorders, including the detection of disease onset and progression, the characterization of motor and neurological systems deficits and uncovering motor learning potential. The research topics should allow cohesion with a large number of ongoing research programs in the Parkinson lab of eNRGY, namely studies that investigate the effects of several methods to enhance motor memory consolidation. Also, an important key area of current research is dedicated to ‘freezing of gait’, i.e. how to measure it, how to predict conversion to freezing and developing optimal training
interventions for this problem. Most of the ongoing work is based on a combination of movement analysis and neuroscientific methods.

The successful candidate will deliver education in the field of clinical rehabilitation for adults with neurodegenerative conditions focusing on Parkinson’s disease and is able to teach additional subjects in the field of clinical research methodology, evidence-based physiotherapy, conducting systematic reviews and academic writing. The candidate will also have to take up some responsibility for clinical internship co-ordination.

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For more information please contact Prof. dr. Thierry Troosters, tel.: +32 16 33 07 98, mail: