Late breaking abstracts

Submissions are open March 20 – April 24, 2023

We understand that some members of the ISPGR community may have missed the chance to submit during the first call for abstracts, due to the ongoing knock on effect of the pandemic. Therefore, for the 2023 Congress, there are no restrictions placed on ISPGR members submitting a late breaking abstract, and no statement supporting why the research qualifies for this category is required.

Late-Breaking abstract submissions will be accepted during the submission period beginning on March 20th and closing on April 24th.

As a reminder, in order to submit an abstract, you must be a member of ISPGR.

Platypus Session

Did you miss the deadline for submitting an abstract for an oral session? This year you get a second chance. The late breaking abstract deadline will feature an opportunity to have your poster considered for a  special “Platypus” oral session.

Much like the Mother Nature’s creation, the platypus, your scientific creation may not fit nicely into an ecological niche, but still it is unique, innovative, and has the gumption to survive despite the unforgiving process of natural selection, i.e. single-blind review.

Whether you hope to give a poster or be considered for an oral talk*, submit before the late-breaking deadline.

*Platypus oral session will be in-person talks only, however, posters can present virtually or in-person.

Late breaking submission guidelines

  • There is a fee of $25 USD per submission, which must be paid prior to submission (Please note: You cannot pay someone else’s submission fee, as the payment is linked to your account only – as submitter you will automatically be listed as ‘primary author’)
  • Include all authors (primary and secondary) exactly as you wish them to appear on published material and in the correct order
  • Prepare an abstract title, the title included on the submission should be suitable for published material
  • Abstract text is limited to 3000 characters (approx. 500 words). The exact limit on submissions is in characters (including spaces)
  • All abstracts must have 4 core elements: 1) background and aim, 2) methods, 3) results, 4) conclusions
  • Should you have an image, graph or other visual associated with your abstract, please attach it in PDF format when you get to the end of the form. You may upload a maximum of 1 visual (abstract text submitted by PDF will not be accepted)
  • Ensure the submission has been approved by all authors
  • Authors may specify only one affiliation
  • All abstract submitters MUST be an ISPGR member in good standing
  • By submitting an abstract, you agree to present at the annual congress, should your abstract be selected for the program
  • Please note the deadline of April 24 is at 23:59 Central Time and there will NOT be an extension