Individual Abstracts

Poster and oral submissions are open 3rd October – 20th December, 2022

Poster and Oral Presentations

Individual presentations are open to all the themes related to posture and gait research. The Scientific Content Committee encourage the ISPGR membership to share their most recent research results and try-and-errors at the World Congress. Poster presentations are a great opportunity for researchers at all levels to present their work. Small studies, big study, controversial studies, negative studies (yes, they happen and they are ok to submit!). At ISPGR, we see poster presentations as an opportunity to present your work in a more ad hoc fashion. Delegates can view your poster at any time and it offers you, as the presenter, to take interested colleagues through your results with their specific interest at heart. For early career researchers, ISPGR also offers a wide range of awards that come with some nice bit of pocket money. Check out our awards here  – they include Aftab Patla Innovation Awards (basic & clinical) and Best Poster Awards for Post-doc. With more than two hours a day devoted to poster sessions, the Scientific Content Committee are dedicated to highlighting the importance of face to face discussion and interaction among our international community. Poster sessions are the perfect way to facilitate dialogue and share results with colleagues from all over the world. Poster Awards: Awards including Aftab Patla Innovation Awards (basic & clinical) and Best Poster Awards for Post-doc will be selected from poster presentations. Visit the Awards page for more…


Coordination of posture and gait

Adaptation, learning, plasticity and compensation
Sensorimotor control

Vestibular function and disorders

Visual function and disorders

Proprioceptive function and disorders Development of posture and gait

Developmental disorders


Cognitive, attentional, and emotional influences

Cognitive impairments

Neurological diseases

Orthopedic diseases and injuries

Psychiatric disorders Falls and fall prevention

Effect of medication on posture and gait

Habilitation & rehabilitation

Exercise and physical activity



Activity monitoring

Tools and methods for posture and gait analysis


Devices to improve posture and gait

Biomechanics Brain imaging/activation during posture and gait

Other (If the categories above do not fully capture your research, please select categories that are most consistent, but also provide a theme that more fully reflects your research)

Guidelines for individual abstract submission

  • There is a fee of $25 USD per submission, which must be paid prior to submission (Please note: You cannot pay someone else’s submission fee, as the payment is linked to your account only – as submitter you will automatically be listed as ‘primary author’)
  • Select a presentation format: oral, poster or either
  • Include all authors (primary and secondary) exactly as you wish them to appear on published material and in the correct order
  • Prepare an abstract title, the title included on the submission should be suitable for published material
  • Abstract text is limited to 3000 characters (approx 500 words). The exact limit on submissions is in characters (including spaces)
  • All abstracts must have 4 core elements: 1) background and aim, 2) methods, 3) results, 4) conclusions
  • Should you have an image, graph or other visual associated with your abstract, please attach it in PDF format when you get to the end of the form. You may upload a maximum of 1 visual (abstract text submitted by PDF will not be accepted)
  • Ensure the submission has been approved by all authors
  • Authors may specify only one affiliation
  • All abstract submitters MUST be an ISPGR member in good standing
  • By submitting an abstract, you agree to present at the annual congress, should your abstract be selected for the program
  • Please note the final deadline on December 20 is at 23:59 Central Time  and there will NOT be an extension

Applying for Awards?

For information and guidelines on the applying for Promising Scientist Award, Emerging Scientist Award and the Aftab Patla Poster Award, along with other awards, please click to learn more