• Job title: 8-month post-doctorate fellowship
  • Recruiter’s identity: Cédrick Bonnet, CR1 CNRS, in the field of postural control, perception, attention and performance of human subjects performing svisual tasks in standing or sitting positions.
  • Information about the SCALab: Research laboratory in Cognitive and Affective Sciences (human perception and action) with 37 full researchers. Jean-Louis Nandrino is the director.
  • Post-doc position within the SCALab: the post-doc fellow will work 1) in Plaine Image (Tourcoing) for the preparation and experimental sessions and 2) in Pont de Bois (with the researchers and PhD students) for theoretical works. Dr. Cédrick Bonnet will be the direct supervisor of the post-doc.
  • Missions for this job:
    • Work with the engineer paid full time for this project to guide him for the preparation of i) the script for the experimental protocol, ii) the scripts to retrieve the data and prepare the dependent variable tables (1/10 of the total time for the position).
    • Train a master 2 (M2) student to run the experiment with participants (healthy young adults) and be main director of his/her research project. The experimental part is long to run, with each session being 2h long and with 84 participants ideally (2/10 of the total time for the position).
    • Perform statistical analyses for the scientific manuscript and for the student (for his/her research project) and interpret the results. Study with the engineer the fractality of time-series (monofractal, multifractal analyses) (2/10 of total time for the position).
    • Perform a literature review and write the scientific manuscript not only related to the task performance results but also to fractal analyses at the level of body and eye movements (3/10 of the total time for the position).
    • Diffuse the scientific results of this project in national or international conferences (1/10 of the total time for the position).
    • At the end of the project, go ahead to think about the future experimental protocol (with Dr. Bonnet and with the engineer) and move on as much as possible in this new project (1/10 of total time for the position).
  • Constraints and difficulties of the position: have at least a good level of Matlab software.
  • Required skills:
    • Prior knowledge: background literature on task performance in cognitive tasks as a function of body position + (best if) knowledge in fractal analysis
    • Technical skills: knowledge of instruments (platform, systems of analysis of movement, eye tracker), analysis with time series.
    • Human skills: working in collaboration for optimum success.
  • Ideal profile: post-doctoral fellow specialized in postural control and more specifically in postural control during visual tasks (e.g. affordance detection).
  • Duration of the mission: 8 months
  • Salary: depending on qualification and expertise (28 100 € available in total)

Lille, January 3rd 2023

Cédrick Bonnet, PhD (CR1 CNRS)

Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et de Sciences Affectives (SCALab) UMR CNRS 9193

Université de Lille Rue du barreau BP 60149 ; 59653 Villeneuve d’Ascq Cedex

Tel.: +33 6 16 89 41 75 ; https://pro.univ-lille.fr/cedrick-bonnet/