Topic: Development and validation of gait digital outcomes as clinical endpoints in Parkinson’s disease


Interested in working as part of a large international consortium of Academic and industry partners? Do you like working with wearable technology and understanding how the way we walk can help us predict how (well or badly) we age?

This PhD provides the unique opportunity to work within the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) MOBILISE-D consortium.

MOBILISE-D consists of 35 Academic and EPFIA partners, from 11 countries with long, successful collaboration, combining technical and clinical expertise.

The overarching objective of MOBILISE-D is linking digital assessment of mobility to clinical endpoints to support regulatory acceptance and clinical practice. 

The PhD will focus on developing, implementing and validating digital mobility outcomes (e.g. real walking speed) derived from digital devices data collected in controlled and free-living conditions to predict relevant clinical outcomes.

You will be expected to work in an interdisciplinary group who has an established international reputation in gait analysis and wearable technology analytics: the Brain and Movement (BAM) Research Group at the Institute of Neuroscience.

Information, eligibility criteria and requirements:

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How to apply:

You must apply through Newcastle University’s online postgraduate application system, more information here: