The Neuromodulation and Recovery Lab (aka The Sayenko Lab) currently seeks a postdoctoral fellow with a degree in Bioengineering, Neuroscience, or a related field. Successful candidates will work on an exciting program using neuromodulation approaches, including invasive and non-invasive spinal cord electrical stimulation. Projects focus on functional recovery and mobility after neurological injuries and disorders, such as spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, or stroke. Knowledge in neurophysiology and motor control, experience in clinical research, neurostimulation, EMG, motion capture, and kinematic analysis, are preferred. Enthusiastic individuals seeking to work in a multidisciplinary team are encouraged to apply. Opportunities for collaboration with clinicians and scientists on existing clinical research projects, including robotic exoskeletons, neuroimaging, and animal models, are available. The postdoctoral fellow will become part of a dynamic environment within the Center for Neuroregeneration at Houston Methodist Hospital and Research Institute, focused on interdisciplinary research programs that span the interface between sensorimotor neuroscience and neurorehabilitation.

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